Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hardships . . . .

Problems and things we deem to complain about are all relative. You can’t compare a starving destitute African child’s problems with that of a semi hard luck middle class American white child. More so, you can’t compare any problems or complaints from any number of people at all. A person’s life experiences and how these experiences are handled are vastly different from yours even if they seem similar in many ways. On the surface, the way someone describes a problem and what brought them to this problem will be viewed by someone else as possibly foreign and/or possibly relatable. But deep down is where thought, feeling, and rationale lie. And these are things we can never truly relate to, because people are like snowflakes, they’re all constructed differently. We all have to handle things differently based on what life has given us and what we’ve given life. Your problems are just as equal as the one’s you feel as though you shouldn’t ever feel as though you could in good conscience relate them to.
What I’m saying is, the hardships between any number of people no matter how inconsequential or how vast between each other you think they are, are entirely and truly relative. Because they are YOUR problems, that happened in YOUR life, based on YOUR experiences, and based on YOUR own path of destiny or free will.
Why am I writing this? Well, my friend got arrested the other day. My other friend’s mom died. Another friend had his long time girlfriend break up with him. Another friend is having a baby. Another friend is paralyzed from the waist down…and I’m about to write a blog post because I get sad when people go away to college because I never had that opportunity. I suppose I wrote what I did, to justify my “selfish” feelings. Because I firmly think that everyone’s problems ARE equal and we shouldn’t ever feel ashamed that we have a problem we want to complain about even if it’s not comprabable in terms of how ‘serious’ the situation is.

I dreamt.I was a royal child of another clan, yet I was being set up by those holding power in the clan I lived among to be sacrificed. There was much action in the dream, but the theme running through all that action was basically that, in remembering my primordial unique word I regained my unique power (which was more powerful than my captor's power) and was able to escape.I spoke my word of unique power, escaped and flew away from the midst of those who were going to sacrifice me. But, as I observed from beyond the edges of that clan, I noticed preparations to sacrifice the next royal woman in line, since I had escaped. It occurred to me that she might be my long-lost sister, even though she had participated in the preparations to sacrifice me. So, I flew (like superman) back.Being uniquely powerful now, I was no longer in any danger. No one could capture me even had they tried. It was a given - I was beyond re-capturability. And, I was worried for the next royal woman in line to be sacrificed, thinking that she might be my long-lost sister. It didn't matter to me that she had participated in preparations to sacrifice me previously. She had been basically mindless then. Now, being prepared herself for sacrifice, her mind might be open to awakening.I approached my sister, spoke my own unique word of power to her, and asked her what her unique word of power was. I knew I would recognize my sister's word of power when she spoke it. She concentrated very hard, struggling to remember.A woman sitting next to her spoke up, telling me her unique word somewhat flippantly, distracting my attention from my sister. I didn't recognize her word. Her unique word was not in my family. I refocused on my sister, as she struggled to remember her unique word of power. I held out my hand to her, asking her again what her own unique word of power was. She blurted it out and clutched my hand. I recognized her word as the word of my sister. We flew away hand in hand from that place, both of us free.I woke up.